Microsoft To Launch A New Internet Browser ‘Spartan’ For Windows 10

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Are you a Internet Explorer fan? I guess, you're not. Good. Actually, Microsoft is going to remove his traditional pre-installed browser in its next version of Windows. News from our sources from within Microsoft reported that Microsoft is not supporting boring Internet Explorer Browser. It was guessed by all that next version would be IE v11.0 but it is not.
Actually, in previous version of windows, Microsoft tried to make people believe that in windows 8.1, the version of IE is light weight and it is user friendly too. But due to old impression of IE, user don't believe on it.
So, they decided to remove the IE and launch a new browser code named Spartan. Though, it is not the final name and they have to launch the official name for next coming browser. This may be revolutionary in this field. This can change their image in the market of browser.
Though it is using the old technology which was used by old version of IE but all the looking of new browser will be new. They believe that this browser will compete with the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox as well. They are going to launch it officially in no time.


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