Reuse Memory Card, SD Card Or USB Drive If Not Working And Restore It To Original Size

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A memory card or USB Drive is an electronic flash memory data storage device used for storing digital information. These are commonly used in many electronic devices, including digital cameras, mobile phones, laptop computers, MP3 players and video game consoles, Tablets. Most of these can be diminutive, re-recordable, and can retain data without power. These are commonly used in many electronic devices to transfer data from one place to another.
The common problem arises when they stops working without notifying. This is the common problem now days and this can be solved. It is recommended to buy all these devices from trusted companies. Now-a-days, varieties of removable disks are available in the market at very low prices and they stops working after few days.
Various sizes like 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB etc. are available. These don’t format neither in computer nor in mobile sets. Usually, SD Card loses its original size e.g., from 4 GB to nearly 12.5 MB, 15 MB etc. or sometimes it doesn't get formatted. Even formatting doesn't take place showing the message "Windows was unable to format".
So we should follow some steps in order to make them work again. Here we go:-

1. First of all, format it using all types of file systems given.
2. When it shows some size of it, try the following:
3. Open cmd and type DISKPART
4. A new window will open, type LIST DISK
5. Type SELECT DISK # [where # is obviously the SD Card Disk letter)
6. Type CLEAN, it will clean up the disk
7. To create partitions type CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY.
9. Type ASSIGN to assign a letter.
10. All it done!!!

That’s all!!!

Feel free to clear doubts!!!


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