How To Shut Down, Sleep Or Hibernate Laptop By Closing Lid

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Windows is most popular OS platform being used all over the world. Every Windows user has a dream to use Apple Macintosh once, isn’t it?

Second, it is common problem among us to shut down windows by clicking on Start Menu and then selecting Shut down. Shutting down and restarting laptop consumes a lot of time. Suppose, you suddenly need to go somewhere and now have to shut down your system, at such time even 1 Min seems too long.
Hibernating laptops is a cool way to switch off the laptop as it works quickly. We can switch off and switch on the laptop too quickly and all are files which we left before switching off. Doing this all necessary and unnecessary files will not load again to waste time.
So, Hibernating laptops is a better way to switch off the laptops. One must  follow the simple steps:-

* Press the windows button on your keyboard or click on start menu on screen.
* Type "What Power Button Do"
* Search result will appear. Select "Choose What The Power Button Will Do"
Here are two options:
  1. When I Press the Power Button
  2. When I close the lid.
* On Second Option i.e., When I close the lid.
* Choose Hibernate for "On Battery" and "Plugged In" both and select save changes.

 That's all!!!

Feel free to clear doubts!


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